Malaga, preferred destination for teleworking

From Madrid by AVE it takes just under 3 hours. This is one of the most important aspects for those known as digital nomads, workers in digital environments who, accustomed to teleworking, have decided to swap the asphalt of Madrid for the bay of Malaga.

This is what Pavel Mazuelas, a native of Madrid who has been working for two months for a growhacking company, one of the new niche markets in internet marketing, says from Malaga: "Since I've moved here it's as if I've been constantly on holiday". Pavel considered other cities in the south to lay his egg, but none of them were better than Malaga, "I knew I wanted to come to the south, but Malaga is perfect because of its connection with other cities, the sea, the climate and the increasingly developed digital work structure it has".

Sergio Jiménez Ramos has been working from Marbella for more than a year now. He works at Tetuan Valley, a start-up developer run by Google in Madrid. This summer he had no intention of returning to Madrid, but he missed the community working in the sector, so at the end of the summer he decided to create a platform to bring together the tech community in Malaga. Thus was born Biznaga Valley, a circle where you can bring those meetings, which can no longer be given in person to the digital environment and, at the same time, help and provide information to anyone who is thinking of coming.

Sergio says that in "every work video call I make, as they know I live here, at least one person asks me about the possibility of coming", and it is rare the week that four or five different people don't write to him to ask him what the community is like here and if he has had any problems teleworking. "I notice that Malaga is a perfect place to develop technological potential, there are many northern European companies based here that send their workers as a reward after years there", it would not be unusual for something similar to happen with Spanish companies.

Most of the enquiries come from nationals, but there are many interested Germans, Dutch and Belgians, not forgetting the British, although "there are certain doubts due to Brexit". Sánchez assures that there are important projects from people who have proposed Malaga as a pilot city to develop innovative plans.

The conclusions of all of them are the same: Malaga has the climate, the connections, the beach and the feeling that a project for a great technological city is being forged and it is time to get on board now, before it is later and more expensive. Working on the internet and looking at the sea, it is normal that from Madrid to the sky is no more than three hours by train.

At Welcomer Group we have a wide variety of flats in the centre of Malaga, fully equipped and adapted for teleworking.