Welcomer Apartments

Medium and short stays

Apartments for short and medium stay for those travellers that, for business or for leisure, are looking for a central location with an excellent price– quality ratio. Homes where design and comfort blend, functional accommodations completely equipped to cover all the traveller’s needs.


Welcomer Valencia

Calle Portal de Valldigna 8
Centro Histórico - Valencia

Functional apartments for those travelers who, for leisure or work, seek a central location with excellent value for money. Located in a unique rehabilitated building in the historic center of Valencia.

Duplex con terraza - 6 Pax - 6:From: 115.00€/Night
Estudio con balcón - 2 Pax - 2:From: 70.00€/Night
Apartamento 2 habitaciones - Planta Baja - 4:From: 95.00€/Night
2 Hab. 3 camas 4 adultos - 4:From: 100.00€/Night
2 Hab. con balcón - 4 Pax - 4:From: 100.00€/Night
Estudio Duplex Valencia - 2:From: 75.00€/Night
Estudio Twin Valencia - 2:From: 75.00€/Night
Estudio Small Valencia - 2:From: 65.00€/Night
1 Hab. Valencia con sofa cama - 4:From: 80.00€/Night
1 Hab. Plus - 4:From: 85.00€/Night
Apto. 4 Pax, 3 camas + sofá cama - 5:From: 105.00€/Night
Apartamento con terraza - 5:From: 105.00€/Night
2 Bedroom apartment-5 Pax - 5:From: 105.00€/Night
Apartamento Dúplex - 6:From: 115.00€/Night
1 Hab. Valencia (4 pax) - 4:From: 85.00€/Night
Estudio Planta Baja - 2 Pax - 2:From: 0.00€/Night

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Welcomer Atocha

Calle Rafael de Riego 24
Atocha - Madrid

2 Hab. RRA 6PAX - 6:From: 120.00€/Night
Estudio RRA - 4:From: 84.00€/Night
1 Hab. RRA - 4:From: 80.00€/Night
2Hab. RRA 5PAX - 5:From: 112.00€/Night

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Welcomer Catedral

Gran Vía de Colón 43
Centro Histórico - Granada

Apartments that stand out for their design and decoration, with an excellent location in a completely renovated unique building in the center of Granada, on the well-known Gran Vía de Colón 43.

Catedral Estudio - 2:From: 67.00€/Night
Catedral Estudio Superior - 4:From: 69.00€/Night
Catedral 1 Hab. Bajo - 2:From: 67.00€/Night
Catedral 1 Hab - 4:From: 72.00€/Night
Catedral 1 Hab Superior - 4:From: 76.00€/Night
Catedral 1 Hab con Terraza - 4:From: 80.00€/Night
Catedral 1 Hab Historic - 4:From: 78.00€/Night

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Welcomer Gran Vía

Gran Vía de Colón 47
Centro Histórico - Granada

Spacious modern-style apartments in one of the main arteries in the center of Granada, on Gran Vía de Colón 47. In a refurbished building in classic architectural style.

Gran Vía 1 Hab. - 4:From: 82.00€/Night
Gran Vía 2 Hab - 4:From: 88.00€/Night
Gran Vía 2 Hab. Superior - 4:From: 88.00€/Night
Gran Vía 2 Hab con Terraza - 4:From: 92.00€/Night
Gran Vía 6 Hab - 10:From: 175.00€/Night
Gran Vía Estudio - 4:From: 64.00€/Night

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