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Luxury apartments in Madrid

It is our premium option, exclusive select apartments located in unusual buildings in the main Spanish cities. Long stay homes where you are surrounded by luxury, offering you a maximum level of comfort. A unique experience, to enjoy a long stay and feel at home.


City Top Alcalá 84

Calle Alcalá 84
Salamanca - Madrid

Exclusive 2 and 3-bedroom apartments located in an emblematic building that has been completely refurbished next to the Retiro Park.

3 Hab. Alcala A - 6:From: 195.00€/Night
2 Hab. Alcala - 6:From: 168.15€/Night
2 Hab. Alcala Atico Terraza - 6:From: 152.00€/Night
2 Hab. Alcala C - 6:From: 176.56€/Night
2 Hab. Alcala Terraza C - 6:From: 166.25€/Night

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City Top La Marca

Calle Fernando VI, 10
Justicia - Madrid

Luxurious, high-quality apartments located in the emblematic LaMarca building, whose refurbishment has made it one of the jewels of this well-known street in the capital.

2 Hab. FVI C - 4:From: 133.00€/Night

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City Top Españoleto

Calle Españoleto 19
Almagro - Madrid

2 hab. Españoleto - 6:From: 0.00€/Night
3 hab. Españoleto - 8:From: 0.00€/Night

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City Top Justicia

Calle Fernando VI, 19
Justicia - Madrid

3 Hab. Justicia II 2A - 8:From: 0.00€/Night

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City Top Barquillo

Calle Barquillo 12
Justicia - Madrid

3 Hab. Barquillo I - 6:From: 333.33€/Night
2 hab. Barquillo III - 4:From: 166.66€/Night
3 hab. Barquillo II - 6:From: 0.00€/Night

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City Top Ponzano

Calle Ponzano 8
Chamberí - Madrid

2 Hab. Ponzano - 6:From: 110.00€/Night

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Lagasca 38

Salamanca -

2A LAGASCA 2HAB - 4:From: 0.00€/Night

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