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The herein web site is the property of Casiquiare Gestion Turistica, S.L. identified with CIF B- 86602026, acting under the brand Welcome Group.  
The use of this web site implied the full acceptance by the user of the terms and conditions mentioned in this web.  
The user obliges to not use this web site or its services and contents in a manner different to the provisions of the current legislation.  
Casiquiare Gestion Turistica, S.L. reserves the right to amend the herein conditions and to suspend or interrupt its web page at any moment. 
This section established the specific conditions that will rule the relations between Casiquiare Gestion Turistica, S.L. (hereinafter “the holder of the web site”) and every client/user that makes an online reservation through this page.
The parties convene that their relations will be ruled by the general conditions contained in the section “legal advice” as well as by the specific conditions that, with regards to electronic commerce, are established in this section. All accessible through the page and that, in any case, must be accepted by the client to complete the on-line reservation. In case of amends to them by the holder of the web site, the conditions applicable to each client/user will be the ones he accepted at the moment he made his purchase. 
The client/user, prior to the contracting and in any case during the purchase process, may access, file and print these general contracting conditions for his later consultation. Said contracting conditions will be available in English and Spanish. We have the right to review and amend the herein Conditions at any moment. 
The client/user declares to be eighteen years old, and the full legal capacity to make a reservation through the page To purchase any of the products offered through the page it is necessary to connect and register as user/client, by completing the electronic form that will appear on the web page of the store at any given moment and follow the instructions therein. 
To said registry effect, Casiquiare Gestion Turistica, S.L. may provide the client / user with a Username and a secret code (“Password”). The Username and Password supplied to the user as identification and enabling elements to access the services have a personal and non-transferable nature. The holder of the web site may perform, with the adequate notice, changes in the Username and/or Password, in which case the modified keys will lose their validity.

The apartments "Homeart Madrid" ubicated in Calle Corredera Baja de San Pablo 33, are property of Hs Triple S 1900 S.L. with Cif. B-88063110 has and address in Calle Zurbano 92, 1ero. izq. 28003, Madrid, telephone number +34 605123110, e-mail 
being Casiquiare Operadora S.L. CIF: B88476585 with and address in Calle Arturo Soria 330, 12D. 28033 Madrid the manager of these apartment properties of HS Triple S 1900 S.L.

The apartments "Homeart Málaga" ubicated in Plaza de la Merced 22, are property of Orinoquia Andalucia I S.L. with Cif. B-87888186 has and address in Calle Arturo Soria 330, 12D. 280033 Madrid, telephone number +34 618135470, e-mail 
Being Casiquiare Operadora S.L. CIF: B88476585 with and address in Calle Arturo Soria 330, 12D. 28033 Madrid the manager of these apartment properties of Orinoquia Andalucia I S.L. Cif. B-87888186.

The apartments "Welcomer Apartments Madrid" ubicated in Calle Eraso 5, 28028 Madrid are property of Cinaruco Capital Management S.L. with Cif. B-87831186 has and address in Calle Arturo Soria 330 12D, 28033, Madrid, telephone number +34 618135470, e-mail 
Being Casiquiare Operadora S.L. CIF: B88476585 with and address in Calle Arturo Soria 330, 12D. 28033 Madrid the manager of these apartments propertie of Cinaruco Capital Management S.L.

The apartments "Welcomer Apartments Valencia" ubicated in Calle Portal de Valldigna 8, are property of Meta Real State S.L. with Cif. B-87888178 has and address in Calle Arturo Soria 330 12D, 28033, Madrid, telephone number teléfono +34 618135470, e-mail 
Being Casiquiare Operadora S.L. CIF: B-88476585 with and address in Calle Arturo Soria 330, 12D. 28033 Madrid the manager of these  apartments properties of Meta Real State S.L

Before making use of the rest of the aspects of our web, we pray you to read this document, regulating our relationship and the conditions of your reservation, with care. You must also read our privacy policies, “Cookies” section and “Data Protection”. 
When making your reservation through this web page, you declare to be older than 18 years old and have the legal capacity to celebrate contracts, and that you accept the conditions derived from the herein electronic contracting that will be ruled, firstly, by the herein Conditions and for anything not contemplated, by the legislation of the place where the apartments are located. At your choice, you may print and/or file these conditions.
In the event that you do not agree with these conditions, it is understood that you do not accept them and therefore may not, and should not, continue to use our web or continue with your reservation. 
Through the electronic mail that appears in the contact section, we are at your disposal for any question that might arise, or to collect any suggestion or recommendation you might want to send us. 

The use of this web page and the reservations made through it tie you to the society Casiquiare Gestion Turistica, S.L. identified with CIF B- 86602026, with social domicile in Madrid, Calle  Arturo Soria, 330, 12 D.
Our contact telephone is + 34 618 13 54 70 and our electronic mail is

Making a reservation through our web does not allow you to make use of the brands or images contained in it, because their property belongs to the Company. You may only download from the Company web page information about your reservation or contact information. 
Likewise, the use of images of the apartments is not authorized, of which no commercial or advertising use may be made without the express authorization of the Company.  
In case you want to hold a professional photoshoot in any of the apartments, you must inform the Company, request its authorization and the respective rates through the electronic mail

Any link incorporated into our web is offered only for information purposes, and we have no responsibility or control on the contents of the web pages to which you are referred. Therefore, the Company will not be responsible for any damage or loss derived from their use, which must be taken into account if you use any of them.

Through the use of this web page, you accept that the communications you maintain with the Company be electronic, indicating, as electronic mail address for notices, the email address you included when signing into the system.
Derived from your consent to use of this electronic means of communication, and because the applicable norms require that part of the information or communications we send to you be in writing, you acknowledge and accept that every contract, notice, information and other communications that we send to you electronically to the email address you supplied fulfills the legal requirements by being in writing. 
This condition will not affect your rights as acknowledged by the law, nor will it replace those notices that the law requires mandatorily be made in a different manner. 

The commitment that arises between the parties when making a reservation is binding for you as well as for the Company, as well as for our respective successors, assignees, and licensees. Said rights and obligations may not be transmitted, relinquished, levied or transferred in any way without obtaining prior written consent from the Company.  Furthermore, it will not be considered a cession if it is made to the companies of the group or collaborators and especially to the societies HS Triple S 1900 S.L. Cif. B88063110., Ventuari Rentals, S.L., Ocamo  Rentals B-87485884,  S.L., Meta Real Estate, S.L. Cif. B-87888178., Orinoquia Andalucía I S.L. Cif. 87888186.

The Company is not responsible for any incompliance or delay in compliance with the obligations assumed when it occurs due to events beyond reasonable control or due to force majeure.  
It is understood that the obligations will be suspended during the period during which said circumstance is extended, and both parties will enjoy an extension of the term for the fulfillment of said obligations for a period equivalent to the time of the impediment. On our side, we will make use of every reasonable means to end the situation as soon as possible or to find a solution that allows us to fulfill our obligations despite the contrary circumstances. 
In case that these events prevent you from enjoying your reservation during the foreseen dates and it was not possible at a different time, you will have the right to be reimbursed for the monies paid; however, you will not be entitled to any other type of reparation or additional compensation.

Damages caused in the apartments or common areas by the occupants or persons that access the apartments with their authorization will be assumed severally by any of those who appear as occupants in the reservation and may be claimed judicially if necessary.

If any of the herein Conditions or any aspect of the reservation commitment made were declared null and void through a firm resolution issued by the respective authority, the remaining terms will remain valid, and will not be affected by a said statement of nullity.

We have claims sheets available for our clients in our customer service centers.

The use of our web page and any effect derived from its use will be ruled by the Spanish legislation and must submit to the courts of Madrid.

The norms contained in the herein text are applicable from the moment they are published and will remain valid until totally or partially different conditions are published in the web.  Nevertheless, the clients that have made any reservation are bound by the conditions published at the moment they made their reservation.   

When you sign in into our web and even if you haven’t made any reservations, you may accept that information be sent to you regarding offers or last-minute prices with the effects collected in the Protection of Information of Personal Nature section in the web page. 

The prices and conditions of your reservation are those that appear on the web at the moment you contract it; however, the Company has the faculty of changing said prices and conditions at any moment. If you have already completed your reservation, said changes will not affect you, and the conditions applied to you will be those valid at the moment you completed the reservation.  
In the prices published we include laundry services, responsible use of the services and supplies in the apartments, local taxes and the final cleaning under the conditions mentioned in the corresponding section. If you want your sheets or towels changed during your stay, you must inform and arrange it with the Company, as a service not included in the price, and that therefore will be invoiced separately, as well as the transportation service of the occupants and their luggage, at their arrival or departure, between the apartment and the airport or train stations mentioned in the web.  
The prices offered on our web will not be affected by the accuracy of information provided by third parties with regards to services, infrastructure, facilities of the environment, public transportation, stores, restaurants, sports facilities, public beaches, etc. that might be published by third parties in other media, because they are not part of the obligations, or up to the Company. Those responsible for such services, stores, facilities will make the decision regarding opening hours, conditions of use, etc. Further, and in relation to the information contained in our web regarding the parking closest to the establishment and their possible use by the occupants, the Company is not responsible for these services or for the conditions and hours established by the owner.  
When you make a reservation it is understood that you are authorizing the Company to charge to your bank account, through your credit card information, the amount of your stay.  If your stay has been convened for the months of July and August, 50% of the price of your stay may be charged to your account at the moment of your reservation, and the remaining 50% two days before your expected arrival date. In the rest of the cases, at the moment of the reservation you will be charged the amount equivalent to the first night. The remainder of your stay will be charged during the period of one to three days before the expected date of arrival to the establishment. 
Besides the price of your stay, 2 days before your expected arrival date you must deposit a guarantee for the proper use of the apartment. The amount of this guarantee is 250 €, if your stay is equal or higher than one week and of 125 €, in the rest of the cases.
Together with the agreement to your reservation, you authorize us to charge to your account the amount of the guarantee on the day before your arrival. This amount will be returned in a maximum of five calendar days from the expected day of departure and from it, after deduction of the cost of any damage caused to the real property. The guarantee deposit is not the limit of your responsibility if the damages were more expensive. 

In any case, and additionally to the above, the Company reserves the right to request the presentation of your identification documents as well as those of the other occupants when you enter the property or during your stay. 
Because identification is mandatory due to a requirement of the law, in compliance with this requirement will be understood as in compliance for which you desist of your stay from the date on which said identification is requested and you refuse, with the effects contemplated in these conditions for such case. In case of in compliance with the former obligation, the Company may immediately annul your stay and report the situation to the police, without return of the amounts received and no type of added compensation or indemnification.


1.-Number of guests: in no case may the apartment be occupied by a number of guests that exceeds the maximum set forth by the law or of its offered capacity. 
In case more guests than those legally authorized are lodged in the apartment, or if an invitation is extended to others without authorization of the property, it may evict the apartment without the right for reimbursement of the amount paid to date or of the guarantee deposit. 

2. Behavior, complaints, and claims: the apartment must be occupied with respect towards the use of coexistence norms and without bothering the rest of the guests or the neighbors. This is why it is forbidden to organize parties in the apartment as well as in the common areas, and to make noise after 22:00 hours, both in the apartment and in the common areas. Clients commit to act with the utmost courtesy and respect to the other residents of the building and to the other neighbors of the apartment building. Respect towards the neighbors is a very delicate issue that will not be compromised; therefore, the building manager reserves the right to, in case of complaint by a neighbor about any of the guests in an apartment, to immediately expel all the occupants of said apartment at his own criteria and without reimbursement of the amount paid or of the guarantee deposit.

3. Cleaning: the price of your reservation includes the basic cleaning at your check-in, in case that you request additional cleaning a charge will be applied. Basic cleaning includes the check-in cleaning and the washing of sheets and towels on the date of departure; therefore the guests must leave the floor in acceptable conditions. All the plates, glasses, cutlery and cooking utensils must be washed and put away. The occupants of the apartment must take the garbage out every day and place it in the containers. No garbage may be left in the apartment on the date of departure.In case the apartment is not left in acceptable conditions, there will be an additional charge for cleaning. There will be an additional charge of 15 euros for damaged towels and 25 euros for damaged sheets.

4. Care of the apartment: the apartment and its facilities must be treated with care. In case of any problem with the apartment or its equipment, you must inform the manager of it as soon as possible so it can be resolved quickly. No claims will be accepted after your departure from the apartment for this concept unless they were reported during thestay. When you leave the apartment, you must make sure that all doors and windows are closed and that all appliances have been turned off, including the air conditioning and the heating, always using the security lock of the access door to the apartment, making sure it is left locked. 
5. Prohibitions: smoking is forbidden in the apartment; no pets will be allowed unless the manager has awarded previous specific authorization.

6. Keys: The herein contract will mention the number of keys handed to the client, that must be returned in perfect conditions on the day of departure. In case a key is broken or lost, a penalty of 40 euros will be applied to the client. In case the security lock is broken, the occupants will answer severally for the amount of its repair or the installation of a new comparable one. 

7. Guarantee deposit: a deposit will be guaranteed by blocking the credit card supplied by the client for a period of seven days. The amount of the guarantee deposit will be unblocked on the eighth day, once it is verified that the apartment is in the same conditions on which it was found, with all its elements, without damage and respecting all the conditions set forth in the herein contract. Otherwise, the terms and conditions herein will be applied so as to demand the respective responsibilities. 

8. Extraordinary charges: these additional charges are those that are detailed in the conditions, whether general or specific, stipulated during the reservation process and / or in the electronic mail confirming the reservation.

9. Responsibilities: neither the manager nor the owners are responsible for valuables transported and / or deposited in the apartment by the clients. The person making the reservation is responsible for any damages caused in the apartment and the common areas both by him and by the rest of the occupants.

10. Conditions for the cancellation of a reservation:
Cancellations made with more than 1 month in advance to the date of arrival will be reimbursed completely.
Cancellations made up to 15 days before the date of arrival will cause a charge of 50% of the stay.
Cancellations made with less than 15 days before the day of arrival will cause a charge of 100% of the stay.

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