Cookies Policy

What is a Cookie

A Cookie is a small text fragment sent to a browser through a web server that is stored in the terminal (personal computer, cellular phone, tablet, etc.) of the user. Cookies are associated to an anonymous user and do not provide personal information on the user. They are installed with the purpose of offering a better experience and service to the client, because they enable the recording of information such as, for example, the language of the search and preferred options. However, the user has the option of preventing the generation of cookies as well as their elimination when selecting the corresponding option on his browser.

How are cookies used

When you navigate the web we understand that the user accepts our cookies policy and allows their installation to obtain the following information:
· Statistical information of the web
· The latest searches made
·Information regarding the preferences of the users with regards to the main parameters
· Information that allows the control of the user’s session
· Information that allows us to save the directory of apartments on your list

Types of Cookies used

The web uses temporary session cookies, which expire either when you close the session, or that expire after a set period of time, that does not exceed 60 days 
Personalization Cookies: to remember the preferences of the user on the main parameters
Cookies for statistical analysis: Every time a user visits the web, a cookie is generated that allows for follow-up and analysis of his behavior. This information is collected to measure the activity of the web for the preparation of navigation profiles so as to improve the experience of the user. These cookies offer us information such as the browser, the type of device, the time on the page, identification of a new or frequent user, etc. 
This information is never associated to any personal information that might identify you.
Cookies from third parties: Cookies from third parties may be installed for a better handling and improvement of the services offered. 

How to disable Cookies in the main browsers

The user has the option of accepting, blocking or eliminating the cookies installed in his terminal. Every browser has the option to change the configuration of cookies. To create a personalized configuration you should follow these steps: 

Firefox: Configuration > Privacy> History> Use personalized configuration
For further information, click here:

Chrome: Configuration >Show advanced options> Privacy> Configuration of contents
For further information, click here:

Safari:  Preferences> Security
For further information, clickhere:

Internet Explorer: Internet options> Privacy> Configuration
For further information, click here:

What happens if Cookies are disabled

In case you block the use of Cookies in your browser, it is possible that some functions of the page will not be available.


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