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The art of telling stories. A family escapade to Madrid

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The Art of telling stories, based on the creative process of the Disney studios, arrives to Madrid. Included in the events program of Caixa Forum, it travels a road through the work of the great movie producer that has excited children and adults for years. A visit you and the family cannot miss, in the capital of the country.

A walk through the creative process of the Disney studios.

If you have enjoyed, and even been excited with Disney productions, this event is right up your alley. Talking about Disney takes us back to a historical trajectory, lived by several generations of our families.

From the beginning he knew how to touch the hearts of Young and old, through his own creations and the projection of movies based on stories by the great authors of world literature.

Over the years, this producing company of the small and big screen has evolved, and never stopped offering the great works we have become accustomed to.  We just have to remember some titles like Sleeping Beauty, Merlin, Snow White, or Pinocchio, for our excitement to begin. 

Surely, your children will think of more recent films, like Frozen, Valliant, Monsters Inc., Ratatouille or Up. Undoubtedly, Disney titles have become a part of our lives, and we can enjoy them as a family.

This is why you now have the possibility of attending the event in Caixa Forum, The Art of telling stories, where you and your loved ones can admire different exhibits of the trajectory of this producer through time. You will see authentic drawings of several of the works taken to the movies, and learn about the adaptation process of written stories until they appear on the big screen. 

What events can you enjoy with the whole family?

The central event is the exhibition of completely original material. You will have the opportunity of looking at the drawings that have served as sketches of famous works. Through them you will see the evolution of the drawings, according to the techniques employed, and the time on which they were made.

Graphic material in the form of engravings, passing through watercolors, with the evolution of color movies, until arriving to the digital era.You will be surprised by the evident changes from paper to the cinematographic creation. This will be easy to understand through the explanations of a mediator that will be offered for your entire family.

There are several very interesting different events around the exhibit. After visiting it, you and your family can attend a lecture, and enjoy a cup of coffee and extra material.

You will also have the opportunity of attending a conference where the exhibit curator, Mary Walsh, will make emphasis on the Disney trajectory, focusing on what the audience will find in this incredible Caixa Forum event.

Once upon a a format inside the exhibit itself, created especially for the entire family. The visitor is invited to participate creatively in aspects of what he has seen during the exhibit.
When can I attend, and what else should I know?

The Art of telling stories is open to the public from July 4 to November 4 2018. Visiting hours are from 10 a.m. 8 p.m. Caixa Forum is located in Paseo del Prado, 36, Madrid.

The entry fee is 4 euros, although you can find some discounts if you are a client of Caixa Bank. You can get there easily through public transportation, for example through line L1 of the Metro.

Prepare a trip to Madrid with the family. 

If you don´t know Madrid, or if your children haven´t had the opportunity to see this amazing city yet, this is your excuse to come. The Spanish capital offers you a wide cultural and leisure program for the entire family. 

Theaters, shows, an ample opportunity to visit world renowned museums, and to walk through iconic places like Parque del Retiro or Plaza Mayor, visiting the popular Puerta del Sol. There are many advantages to knowing this historical city.

Its rich gastronomy, so characteristic, lets you taste cocido madrileño or the very typical bocadillo de calamares, as well as its callos a la madrileña, among many dishes of the renowned Mediterranean diet.

The images of the majestic Cibeles, the impressive Neptune or Puerta de Alcalá, always gazing at time and its visitors, will be imprinted on you. Madrid is a luxury destination, perfect for all persons that want to immerse in a rich, culturally speaking, environment. 

Stay at Home Art Apartments in Madrid

To stay in Madrid, you must first of all count on the comfort of the Home Art Apartments tourism apartments for families. Because of their excellent location, in the capital´s downtown, you have the opportunity of having the icons of the city close at hand. 

Also, you have the luck of being close to Caixa Forum and a complete commercial area, trod by thousands of tourists that don´t want to miss the beauty of this noble city.

Comfortis our label, providing you with cleaning and ironing services, so you don´t worry about anything other than enjoying your visit. 

The rooms have heating and air conditioning. In the beds you may have an orthopedic mattress and feather down pillows. Additionally, you have the option of using the fully equipped kitchen.  

There are no excuses to not enjoy a wonderful vacation in Madrid with your family. The city, that is awake 24 hours a day, has a wide leisure offer.

The Art of telling stories, based on the entire trajectory of Disney film producer, is the best event to take your children, so you can relive together the best moments in front of the big screen. 

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