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Valencia in the Summer

-Blog 11-

Valencia, the great city that it is, has an ample infrastructure with many facilities, which provides a very interesting option for family leisure because of its many attractions. In this article, we propose some outings you can make during the summer to make the best use of this season and we propose the alternative of tourist apartments for your accommodations. 

What to do in Valencia this summer with your children?

If you have children and are on vacation with them, we don’t need to tell you that you have to find leisure alternatives that you can all enjoy. An important aspect to bear in mind is that Valencia, as autonomic capital and a great city,(800.000 inhabitants)has a series of important attractions and infrastructures. Under normal conditions, all the places we propose can be visited using public transportation.

We have decided to present this list so you can choose, combining enjoyment and learning for all. All the places mentioned are within the municipal area of Valencia and, except one, within the urban center. 

1. City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias)

We can’t stop talking about this place, an icon of the XXI century Valencia. First of all, because you can choose to walk through the gardens of the old Turia riverbed, ideal if you want to be in contact with nature. On the other hand, because it has several interactive rooms, where the little ones can have fun and learn; among them, the Oceanogràfic or the Arts Museum.In any case, and this is important, both sections are interesting for young and old.

2. Serranos Towers (Torres de Serranos)

The XV century was the Segled´Orof Valencia, and even today we can visit several constructions that give testimony of this splendorous past as the most important port of the crown of Aragon, and probably of Spain. The Torres de Serranos, built at the end of the XIV century, give testimony of one of the ancient medieval entries to the city of Valencia and can be visited any time of the year. If you have the time, you can see other places in downtown, like the Cathedral, the Consolat del Mar or the Mercat Central.

3. Malvarrosa Beach

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the sun and a good dip in the water. Malvarrosa Beach is the main sand area of the city, on the North. We must mention that it offers a wide array of public services. Other aspects to be mentioned are that you can have an ice cream or eat a paella on one of the terraces of the maritime walk, and, if you have time, visit Vicente Blasco Ibañez’s house-museum.  

4. Botanical Gardens

In the middle of the city downtown there is a very interesting Botanical Garden, attached to Universitat de València but that is open to the public. Its foundation was in 1567. In the past it was a medicinal plant garden, and it is now focused on showcasing vegetable diversity to the visitors, emphasizing examples of species of the Mediterranean flora. Summer is the best time to visit the garden, because the possibilities of rain or wind are reduced to a minimum, and being outdoors this is the main obstacle. 

5. The Albufera

Even though it is not so close to the urban center, 10 kilometers to the South, a visit to the Albufera National Park is indispensible to know the biodiversity of the region, both in flora and in fauna. The protection it now enjoys has been decisive for the preservation of the environment. You will also see man’s imprint through the irrigation channels, as the fields were used for rice since the Islamic period. You cannot understand the appearance of paella without the crops in Albufera.

Renting family apartments in Valencia

Once you have made the decision of spending your family vacations in Valencia, it is time to find accommodations. Did you consider the possibility of a downtown apartment, where you all fit together? Fortunately, nowadays there are companies that offer family apartments within the urban center. This model is especially advisable for three reasons: comfort, cost and location. 

First of all, a family apartment has the advantage of size. Compared to the tightness that many times a hotel, hostel or residence offers, here you will have space, which will make your stay more peaceful. Size is an aspect you might overlook when your stay is for one night, but if you want to stay three or four days you will surely be thankful for this space. 

The second aspect to take into account is cost, because tourist apartments have an optimum quality price ratio. The price per square meter is considerably smaller than that of a hotel of similar status, plus you can rent according to the needs of your family. This is therefore a good option to spend a vacation all together, without spending too much money.

Finally, and not less important, is the issue of geographical location. Traditionally, staying in an apartment was a restricted option for persons who were visiting tourist areas. However, in this case you can Access the advantages of this format without leaving downtown Valencia, allowing you to use the facilities of infrastructure and public transportation of the municipality.


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