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Tourist apartments on the rise after COVID-19

Tourist apartments on the rise after COVID-19

-Blog 29-

The tourist apartment buildings are offered as a solution for families who want to travel and avoid contact with other travelers.

According to information from hotel employers, smaller hotels with fewer common areas will be the easiest to reopen, as will the tourist apartment buildings, which are offered as a solution for families who want to avoid contact with other travellers. Since security and distance protocols are easier to implement in tourist housing.

For his part, the president of Fevitur (Spanish Federation of Housing and Apartment Associations), Tolo Gomila, reminds us that for the recovery of the sector it is necessary to have the confidence of the tourist and for this reason protocols must be established to guarantee the health and safety of the clients.

At Welcomer Group we are living in the front line of this unprecedented situation that affects us all with the uncertainty of not knowing when the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will start to be reversed.

Despite this adversity, we continue working to emerge stronger as a society. We are a resilient company. We know that travel is an intrinsic need of people and society today and for that reason we are ready to welcome you with the new service and security guidelines required by the traveler.

Future plans are beginning to be drawn with a new landscape after the crisis. We think that Spaniards will prioritize their holidays at a national level and our establishments in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga will receive them as if they were at home because we believe and feel the same and we will be fulfilling all the health and safety requirements to guarantee the confidence of being by your side at all times.

Tourism is already a product of first necessity and after these moments of quarantine and confinement, we are sure that it will help us to reflect and give more value to the small daily things of life and to enjoy with family and friends. And we will be there at Welcomer Group to do again what we know how to do, to offer you our best service, to be your best host so that you can enjoy your holidays with the vitality and friendliness that you deserve.



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