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The best areas of Malaga to rent an apartment

Rent your apartment in Málaga and discover the city

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The best districts of Malaga for rent

During the last year, Malaga has become one of the cities with the highest quality of life in Europe. The reasons for the well-being of this city are several, among which are the good weather, the affordable prices and the people, who are characterized by being open and friendly. In addition, it is a very quiet city that has all the services. Due to this, the prices of flats in Malaga by zones have been of the ones that have increased more of all the Spanish state. If you are looking for a good place to live, Malaga is a good choice. Below we will review the best areas of Malaga for rent.

The peculiarities of Malaga's best neighbourhoods to live in

Of all the areas of Malaga we will highlight the most important characteristics of to our understanding the five best neighborhoods of Malaga to live:

Historical centre: This is the district with the historic quarters of the city. For this reason, it is one of the most urban areas. If you like the hustle and bustle this is your ideal area, because it is full of life. The most emblematic street is Calle Larios. Many of Malaga's tourist attractions are here, there is a great cultural offer. In fact, it is one of the best areas in Malaga to rent. 

El Limonar: Belonging to the Eastern district, it is the neighbourhood with the highest economic level. According to many, the dream of any Malagueño is to live there. It is one of the most exclusive residential areas. The neighbourhood is built around the Paseo del Limonar, which is what gives it its name. It is full of small houses and hotels that do not leave anyone indifferent. It seems to be far from history, but the truth is that it is a place where you can walk pleasantly and discover splendid stately homes in the city. Spectacular single-family houses surrounded by green areas make it a good place to live. From its creation it became the neighbourhood of the bourgeoisie and the Andalusian high society. In addition, the neighborhood is close to both the center and the beach, allowing inhabitants to enjoy the tranquility. The prices of flats in Malaga by zones are very changeable, being El Limonar one of the zones with the highest prices of the whole city. 

La Malagueta: belongs to the Central district. So it is very well communicated and a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of the old town. This, together with its proximity to the beach, makes this neighbourhood one of the best on the Costa del Sol. The Malagueta beach is the most typical of Malaga and, therefore, also a place where many tourists come. However, here you will find bars, pubs and some of the best restaurants in the area. It is one of the best neighbourhoods in Malaga if you are looking to be in the city, but not living in the bustle. In La Malagueta you will find everything you need and during the summer months it is full of life.

Paseo Marítimo de Avenida Pacífico: Belongs to the Carretera de Cádiz district. It is one of the places with the most newly built homes and leisure areas full of restaurants. It is one of Malaga's neighbourhoods to live in, ideal for young couples, as it has many children's playgrounds, gardens and sports areas. It has become a neighborhood characterized by the promotion of healthy living. Here you will find from homes with very high prices overlooking the sea, to houses or flats much more affordable and that are in the interior.

Teatinos: Within the Teatinos-University district, it is located on the outskirts of the city. Next to the Paseo Marítimo, is one of the neighborhoods of Malaga to live of new creation. It is an area very close to the main faculties, so there is always a very student atmosphere. It is an ideal area for young people. However, Teatinos also boasts new single-family homes, making it ideal for families with children. It is a good opportunity as the prices of Malaga flats by area are very far from those of major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

The best neighborhoods in Malaga to stay according to the characteristics of your trip

Malaga has become one of the southern European cities that attracts more tourism. Its sun and beach offer is joined by a first class cultural offer. In this post we recommend the best areas of Malaga to rent an apartment for your stay according to the characteristics of your trip. In addition to the sun and beach tourism offer, there is a mountainous area to the northeast (the Montes de Málaga) where you can also carry out all kinds of activities related to nature and rural tourism. All its attractions and economic dynamism have exerted a great influence on the accommodation sector in Malaga, which is today one of the best in Spain in terms of value for money and this can be seen in the prices of apartments in Malaga by areas. Its more than 2000 regulated accommodations allow you to have a wide range to sleep in Malaga during any part of the year. In addition to these establishments there is a growing offer of apartments or rooms in private homes. In relation to the price, except for the high summer season, the average per room is between 50 and 100 euros. And with respect to the higher density of accommodation to stay in some of the best neighborhoods of Malaga, such as the old town. 


The best areas of Malaga to rent during a trip with children

For a family getaway to the Andalusian city you must take into account which are the best neighborhoods in Malaga to live and enjoy with children during your holidays. Therefore stay somewhere in Malaga that has adequate facilities for children, children's areas, zip lines and parks where they feel free and can enjoy. The district of Huelin is one of the best neighborhoods in Malaga to go with children. Situated next to the beach, it has a park of the same name, the Parque de Huelin, with an area of 32,000 square metres of green areas and a lake. A real paradise within the city with children's areas and sports. In the Historical Centre you can also take into account for a family holiday where you will feel more at ease walking with your children as its streets are for pedestrian use. Malaga Park is an oasis within the city, where you can walk quietly and your children will have fun in the children's areas. Any of these areas are the best neighborhoods in Malaga to live a comfortable stay if you travel with children. 

The best areas of Malaga to rent during a pleasure trip

Malaga is an ideal city to enjoy for a brief three-day getaway, but for this it is essential that you stay in the best neighborhoods of Malaga that allow you to be near the main attractions of the city. By renting an apartment in the Historical Centre during your trip to Malaga you can literally be a step away from the main museums, restaurants and fashion shops. You will also live an experience staying in some of the best and most emblematic buildings in the historic centre which house modern and luxurious apartments for a romantic getaway, business or just a few days' visit to the heart of the Costa del Sol.


How are the prices of flats in Malaga by zones?

Visiting Malaga and strolling close to the sea is a luxury. But also for the most demanding, we recommend four of Malaga's best neighborhoods to live a luxury vacation: Barrio de la Malagueta, El Centro Histórico de Málaga, with its elegant and luxurious lofts, El Limonar is one of Malaga's best neighborhoods. The district of El Palo allows you to be very close to the beach, and at the same time connected to the city centre by several bus lines (Line 11 and 3). Staying at El Palo is possible from 50€ a night, and you will also enjoy all the services, shops and restaurants that this neighbourhood offers you. Pedregalejo is also an interesting option to stay in Malaga from 50€ a night and have the beach at your feet. Staying in the district of Huelin is privileged to have numerous accommodations facing the sea. Families or groups of 4 people can stay on the beachfront from 132 € per night. This is an estimate that may vary according to the prices of apartments in Malaga by zones. 

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