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The 5 main characteristics of a luxury home

The 5 main characteristics of a luxury home

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What are the luxury details that define a dream home?

A luxury home on the inside is defined not only by size, but also by the quality of making inhabitants and visitors feel comfortable. Below we will review the 5 main characteristics of dream homes:

Characteristic 1 - Location

The area where the house is located is a fundamental factor. Within the same city the choice of a neighborhood or another will make you gain both in quality of life and in adding more value to your future dream homes.

Characteristic 2 - Amplitude

Space is one of the most luxurious details not available to everyone. And even less so in big cities. Nowadays, having a spacious and spacious home is a luxury.

Each owner will already be in charge of adapting and distributing their luxury houses inside as they wish for a greater enjoyment. But you can not talk about luxury homes if they do not have enough space to live comfortably, loosely and with rooms for different uses.

Characteristic 3 - Interior design

Most modern luxury homes inside are characterized by large spaces. That's the first thing to look out for when considering luxury detail decoration. We cannot think that this step is only recommended for small spaces; in large spaces the organization is also key. Where to place the furniture, in which areas of the house are we going to spend the most time, what decoration are we going to include in each room, etc. These are some questions that must be taken into account to get luxurious houses inside and at the same time are practical and with a pleasant atmosphere.

Although it may seem irrelevant, it is advisable to make a good plan of the house and draw on it as we want to place the furniture and different decorative accessories. Nowadays there are also a lot of tools to make dream house plans that are as realistic and easy to use as possible. 

In the luxurious houses inside each owner contributes his style, but always with a common denominator: the quality in the materials and the care for the luxury details.

Characteristic 4 - Materials and qualities

Quality and luxurious finishes are necessary to identify premium homes. In these spaces the materials and finishes are first class. There can be no other way when we talk about luxury homes inside. Even the smallest detail must convey quality, both the visible and those details that are not appreciated at first sight. 

Characteristic 5 - Sustainability


Modern luxury homes inside now have the common goal of being sustainable. Respect for the environment, energy saving and the best quality of outdoor air depend to a large extent on the luxury details that make it sustainable. The use of sustainable energies such as aerothermal energy or photovoltaic installations for self-consumption are today details that cannot be missing in dream homes.

What are luxury homes like inside?

Whether out of curiosity or a search for ideas, wanting to know what luxury homes look like on the inside is often a more recurring theme than we might think. Just as you can't judge a book by its cover, you shouldn't value a house by its façade alone.

One of the main living areas of luxury houses inside is the living room. The space is organized in several zones with different uses to share. Here, the little room prepared to watch a film. The views, to the garden with the swimming pool. In some luxurious houses inside, the living room is on the porch and can be integrated into the interior of the house or delimited thanks to the use of a sliding glass.

The characteristics that frame the luxury houses inside

In order for the luxury houses inside to be considered first class, there are also other points to be taken into account. For example, original designs, home automation systems, high-end appliances, exclusive elements, etc. All this set of luxurious finishes and details make the difference for your guests.

How are the furniture that a luxury home needs?

What is taken into account in luxury homes on the inside is everything that adds value to the transaction and makes the house something special. In this context, pieces and works of art, antiques, custom furniture or architectural or landscape designs have become transcendental elements in terms of luxury details. 

Luxurious furniture of high quality, very worked or old can be outside our purchasing power and in addition to our personal tastes. But we can create a decoration of elegant and luxurious environments without spending a lot of money.

Buying luxury furniture can have a very high cost, but we can add only one or two pieces of high quality in the decoration of lounges or common rooms mixed with our usual furniture to bring more value to the environment and that make it one of those luxurious houses inside that we can see in any magazine in the sector.

You can also visit second-hand furniture stores, flea markets and furniture auctions to find that piece of quality that we like and that has a more affordable price.

The best finishes for your luxury home

Two of the essential ingredients for a reform to be considered luxurious are the materials, of the highest possible quality. Also the finishes. They must be the best.

Among the materials usually used in modern luxury houses from the inside are noble and exotic woods. They are found in floors, stairs, handrails and, in many cases, kitchen furniture. These include oak, wenge, irocco and other woods. In the floors and stairs they are usually placed in the shape of a platform, in sheets. in worktops, forming a piece.

Other elements such as marble, in any of its formats, can also be used in worktops. Or granite. And not only in kitchen and bathroom worktops. Also in the walls and floors of these rooms.

Of course, the glass that will be used for the windows and balconies in a luxury refurbishment will be armoured. Also in doors. And in luxurious decorative details and exclusive designs, metals such as copper or aluminium.



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