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MadCool Festival. An opportunity to visit Madrid

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It’s summertime; go out and enjoy your friends, the sun, the beach. And, of course, the best festivals that will fill your vacations with music, shows and so much fun! So you don’t miss a minute of the great Mad Cool Festival, we have the best tourist apartments for you, that adapt to your every need. The  time has come: it is time to enjoy! 

Don’t miss the great MadCool Festival

If you’re a bit lost in this festival thing, it is a musical celebration organized in Madrid since the past 2016. In this event we can enjoy indie, rock and electronic music on July 12, 13 and 14, the weekend after Madrid Pride.

Mad Cool was born with the intention of combining different artistic and cultural expressions in one space, making the best use of the tourist season in the Spanish capital. From the beginning, it had a great reception among people from all around the world, and today it is already comparable to the great Primavera Sound of Barcelona, the  FIB Benicasim or the Bilbao BBK Live.

Including the two editions prior to this year, it has gathered almost 150 artists from all around the world. These celebrities represent the world of contemporary rock and pop and the best of electronic music. Also, groups and solo singers that represent the great figures of the national and international music future attend.

On the other hand, these past two years exceeded 100,000 spectators on both occasions. Specifically, in 2017 all the tickets sold out three months before the event, to a total of 135,000 persons. 

Hurry up!

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity of this macro festival, hurry up because the three-day tickets have already sold out. But don’t worry, you can still find individual day and VIP tickets. 

On this occasion, the event moves to the North of Madrid, specifically to Caja Magica, and will be called Espacio Mad is in Valdebebas - Ifema with an extension of 100,000 square meters. Not much, huh? Well, don’t miss it, because you will have a great time together with 80,000 more people per day, that will be jumping and signing with you at the top of their lungs.

Thanks to this format and to the increase in capacity (35,000 persons per day in former editions), Madrid wants to become one of the reference cities for music, and be even better known internationally for its festivals. 

More updates

Besides the increase in capacity, the increase of stages is also new for this year. Las year there were five in use, this edition will have seven as main characters of the festival. This way the offer of artists that will play in Madrilenian soil will the enhanced, satisfying even more the demands of an audience with an ample musical taste.

But not just that. It will also have a renovated space for restaurants, and in which you will be able to follow the true work of the artists with the intention of providing support to the different art disciplines with Mad Cool Gallery and Mercado de Arte.

We unveil the artists!

Because we don’t want you to miss anything by your favorite groups, in Welcomer Apartments we offer you downtown apartments so you can attend the great festival every day. But we don’t want you to wait any more. Watch out for the artists that will come this year to make you enjoy music like never before: 

Thursday July12, the first day of the festival, you will have these great names: 

- The Americans Pearl Jam, the Australians Time Impala, the British Kasabian, the French Justice or the New yorker, the man of steel, Post Malone. You will also find Yo La Tengo, DVSN, Actress, Iván Ferreiro, FleetFoxes, Japandro is, Fatima Yamaha... among many, many more.

Friday July 13, your date is with:

- ArticMonkeys themselves, the singer The White Stripes, Jack White, or Snow Patrol in person. The British fathers of trip-hop Massive Attack will also please you with their presence. As well as Franz Ferdinand, Alice in Chains, James Bay, one of the great of alternative country, The White Buffalo or Black Pistol Fire. You also can’t miss Alex Francis, Victor Santana or Juan Sueiro. And it that’s not enough, there are many more.

How does this sound so far? So you aren’t left wanting for more, Saturday the 14 you can listen to the following artists:

- The mythical Brits, DepecheMode, a Queens Of The Stone Age and the Nine Inch Nails. Also, if you’re already there you won’t want to miss an artist that has revolutionalized the pop scene with her "New Rules", the one and only Dua Lipa. You also won’t want to miss the British Underworld, or the singer - songwriter Jack Johnson. Enjoy Human by Rag'N'BoneMan, Kase. O, and Glass Animals, as well as Kaleo, LP, FutureIslands or Richie Hawtin Close, among others.

How miss a show like this, right? Some of the greatest artists in the musical panorama are visiting us in Spain, just a few kilometers away from you. Don’t miss this surprise filled once-in—lifetime opportunity brought to you by this your festival that might become one of the biggest ones internationally.

This is why you should seize this Summer and have a great time with your friends, an unforgettable experience for all of you. What better than staying at Home Art Apartments in the Madrilenian capital. The best option to enjoy a unique, unforgettable vacation. totally adaptable to your needs.

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