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FIB Benicàssim

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The FIB Benicàssim is one of the more veteran musical festivals held within the Spanish geography and that showcases a variety of styles. It is close to Valencia and Castellon, an unmissable appointment for the lovers of indie, electronic, pop or rock music. Renting a tourist apartment may be a good choice for your accommodations, as well as enjoying the area’s attractions.

FIB Benicàssim 2018

The first FIB Benicàssim was held in 1995 and the size of the event has not ceased growing since then. This is, first of all, because of its privileged location, a first-rate vacation center. Second, and we should not forget about it, the program has been interesting from the start, generating a snow-ball effect that favors the interest of the main artists of the moment in attending.

Nowadays there are two options to consider when attending the festival. One is to stay in the immediate surroundings, or in the venue itself, but if you are looking for a less mass tourism area, you might be interested in a more distant tourist apartment. Besides, you can use it only to attend a specific event you are interested in, because maybe you only care for a certain type of music or performance.

Therefore, this year’s edition will take place between July 19 and 22, with the option of staying in the camping of the venue or not. The tickets without camping are for sale at 55 euros each day (except Friday, at 65); if you want the VIP area and a more quiet and intimate ambience, you will have to pay 135 euros per day .If you make a good use of the day it is worth it.  

How to get there

Benicàssimis on the beach of Castellon province, 12 kilometers North of the capital, and it is noted for combining landscape, the beach and an optimum services infrastructure. The place where the festival takes place is on kilometer 986.300of the N-340, outside the town, and it is very easy to arrive through theAP-7 from Tarragona or from Valencia, 86 kilometers away. There are several options to arrive to the town, so access shouldn’t be a problem.

One option is to drive your own car, because it has available parking. There are also several bus lines that travel between Benicàssim and large cities such as Madrid, Bilbao, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Valencia and Barcelona. We must also mention the airports in Valencia and Castellon. Finally, there is a train that stops in Castellon. 

2018 artists

The 2018 group of artists will not let you down, as it combines different styles to attract the interest of the public and to make sure it attends the event. There are several themed sections of the venue, with the cooperation of private institutions and companies.  We are presenting a summary of the main artists in each place. 

The escenario Las Palmas, emblem of the festival, will hold performances such as those of Travis Scott, NothingBut Thieves, Los Punsetes, Bastille, The Killers, Pet Shop Boys y Liam Gallagher, among others.

In escenario Visa you will enjoy, among others, the concerts of artists of the stature of Jessie Ware, Rag´nBoneMan, Metronomy, Parquet Cours and Wolf Alice.

The South Beach Dance Stage, ideal for dancing, includes the performances of the Meridian Brothers, Tommy Cash, Bob Moses, Oddisee &Good Company, Oshun, Myd, Leyva, Detroit Swindle y Nathy Peluso, among many others.

In Radio 3 Fib Club, a collaboration with the radio station, we will have the Razzmatazz and Ocho y medio music halls. Some of the participants are The Snuts, La Plata, Cuchillo de Fuego, Fuego Squad, Nadia Sheikh, Papaya, Melena, Bodegas, The Parrots, Los Nastys, Marem Ladson and others.

Rent tourist apartments

A good option for the festival is to rent a tourist apartment in Valencia and use the public transportation network to move from one place to the other. We are aware that Benicàssimis a beautiful place, but maybe you will only want to be there the days of the concert and enjoy the month of July to tour the autonomic capital.

On the other hand, let’s not kid ourselves, it is easier to find a tourist apartment in a large city, and there are companies that have specialized on that target. If you want to combine the advantages of a central location with the size of an apartment, today it is possible to obtain both elements for less. This option also allows you to make use of certain positive external features, such as the closeness of  public transportation network so you don’t have to use the car if you don’t want to.  

In consequence, the FIB Benicàssim is celebrated on dates that you should try to make the best use of. July is a month where several interesting events are held in the Comunidad Valenciana and therefore, it might be best to choose a central location from which you can move anywhere in an hour and a half. This is why the capital is an ideal location because of its population, climate and infrastructure.

Let’s imagine, for example, that we are looking for an apartment where several people can stay, which is sometimes complicated in a regular establishment. Here you can choose according to your needs. This is the offer Welcomer Apartments, that focuses its work on the great Spanish capitals.


If you are looking for taylor-made tourist apartments, Welcomer Apartments is a possibility to take into account because we have a wide netowork.  The proximity of Benicàssim to Valencia turns the capital of the Turia into an ideal place to come and go on the same day, attending the concerts or sessions you like the most. We propose, then, that you become familiar with our best offer, because it adapts to every profile, both by age and by purchase power.  

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