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Christmas in Madrid

Plans to not lose nothing in christmas

-Blog 24-

This year Christmas in Madrid is full of activities of all kinds that you simply cannot miss. Do you want to enjoy the traditions of December and the cultural agenda offered by this vibrant city?

Well, you just have to stay in one of our tourist apartments, yes, very well located to allow you access to Christmas fun and make the most of your leisure time.

What to see and what to do in Madrid December

Next, we tell you about some of the essentials so that each one of your days in Madrid is unforgettable when you are already installed in one of the central apartments of the city.

Markets and fairs

In Madrid there are countless places to buy gourmet products, gifts and novelties. Here are some of them.

- The Christmas market of Plaza Mayor

This year marks the fourth centenary of this square, so the lighting has been improved and the color of the 104 booths that make up the market have changed to red.

There you can spend a full day with the family, browse through the profusion of Christmas items that are offered, from ornaments for the house to the pine tree with its lights and scenes, all in one place.

- Crafts Fair

In the Plaza España you will find the XXXI edition of the Handicraft Fair of the Community of Madrid. The participating artisans come mostly from this community, in number of 178 workshops, although 11 other communities participate as well.

It is a waste of skills and creativity in full bloom where you can choose gifts for your friends and family. The offer includes fabrics, jewelry, hats, toys, prints, ceramics, glass and leather goods.

- San Antón Market

This three-story building located in the Chueca neighborhood offers several interesting alternatives. In the first one, high quality products are sold: breads, fruits, vegetables, sausages, meats, fish and shellfish. You can also find some exclusive gourmet products, with which to stock your Christmas or New Year's Eve table.

On the second floor there is live cooking, very international take-away food and a tavern-wine bar. On the third floor is the restaurant La Cocina de San Antón. There you can eat the food from the first floor that you have purchased, in tasty and well-prepared preparations, while contemplating the Chueca neighborhood and the Madrid sky.

Madrid Traditions

Traditions are usually the most endearing of Christmas and are enjoyed by adults and children.

- The lights and the Naviluz

In Madrid we have an ingenious resource to see all the Christmas lighting without being so cold. This is Naviluz, a double-decker bus with panoramic windows that starts from the Plaza de Colón. At this stop you can get on or off.

Continue through Serrano, Puerta de Alcalá, Cibeles, Gran Vía (where this year they enabled a stop just to get off), Callao, Jacometrezo, Santo Domingo, San Bernardo, Puerta de Alcalá, Velázquez, José Ortega y Gasset and other profusely lit areas of the city.

- Rinks

If you want to ice skate with the kids, don't deprive yourself. In addition, you can fall a little or see others fall. There are tracks in Plaza Colón, in the Gallery of the Cibeles Palace, Berlin Park, La Luna, La Vaguada Park, in short, there is something to choose from.

- La Puerta del Sol

It is almost obligatory to go twice: when you arrive, to see inside and out the gilthead of the immense Christmas pine, and on New Year's Eve, to receive the new year in the middle of the crowd and eating the grapes with the bells of 12 o'clock. And on the morning of the first day, to have churros with chocolate.

The boys may also like to go on December 30 at 12 p.m. There will be fewer people and instead of grapes they eat jelly beans.

- The Three Kings Cavalcade

That is the boys' day! On January 5, at night, the Cavalcade leaves from the Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz and arrives at the Plaza de Cibeles. It is a display of imagination, joy, colors and candies that takes you back to childhood.


These are some of the options you can visit when you are in Madrid.

- Van Gogh Alive

The successful interactive exhibition that has traveled 40 cities has already arrived in Madrid. Thousands of large-scale images will wrap you in an experience for all audiences. Using your senses you can interact with the works of Vincent Van Gogh exhibited there.

- Tamara de Lempicka

The Polish painter, nicknamed the queen of Art Deco, boasted defiantly of the colors and shapes of her works with the phrase "among hundreds of paintings, you would recognize mine." The exhibition includes more than 200 pieces in the first retrospective of this painter in the city.

- Pharaoh. King of egypt

With the exhibition of 150 works of art from the British Museum you can understand more about the Egyptian Empire. Enjoy the immense sculptures and detailed reliefs of the temples, as well as the exquisite goldsmith's pieces and attend important conferences of expert Egyptologists.

Theater and dance

The variety is also expressed in the show on the boards.

- Burundanga, the end of a band.

A romantic comedy full of irony, whose outcome begins when the burundanga is used to find out some truths.

- The Doctor

Noah Gordon's classic, book and film, now arrives at the tables in musical form. An apprentice surgeon-barber has a special faculty, which leads him to travel to Persia to learn medicine with the legendary Avicenna.

- I only see it?

A fun compilation of the best of Sergio Fernández, known as El Monaguillo, that gives us his "pure and hard" humor, as he says, in a montage that looks like a party where you will sing and dance.

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